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Frequency lists of Czech poetry

Online tools » Frequency lists
Frequency lists of Czech poetry contain information about the frequency of words in the works of poetry included in the Corpus of Czech Verse. The lists provide information both about the frequency of lemmata and frequency of word forms (tokens), not only in the individual poetry collections but also in the author’s subcorpora and the entire Corpus of the Czech verse. It is the data about the frequency of lemmata that distinguishes these lists from the Frequency lists of the Czech electronic library. While the frequency list of the Czech electronic library provides data only on the frequency of each word forms (e.g. the frequency of the word form "láska" and the form "lásky" are listed separately), the frequency list based on the Corpus of Czech Verse data on the frequency of the sum of all word forms (the frequency of the lemma "láska" subsumes the frequencies of all forms found in the corpus).
The data in the lists are classified as follows:
  • column 1: rank
  • column 2: lemma/token
  • column 3: part of speech*
  • column 4: the absolute frequency of lemma/token
* The part of speech is indicated by the first position of a morphological tag (A – adjective, C – numeral, D – adverb, I – interjection, J – conjunction, N – noun, P – pronoun, R – preposition, T – particle, V – verb, X – unknown, indeterminable part of speech, see Jan Hajič: Czech Positional Tag System). This allows us to distinguish between homonyms like “bez” (noun/preposition) and to further filter out the data obtained from the lists (e.g. to evaluate the frequency of nouns only).
** given in ppm (10 000 ppm ~ 1 %) and rounded to whole numbers
Each list is published in two formats:: (1) xls (Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, LibreOffice Calc) and (2) txt with UTF-8 encoding, where individual columns are separated by a tabulator (the latter is convenient for further processing). The lists can be downloaded as compressed archive containing the frequency list of the entire author’s subcorpus (00_dilo) and frequency lists of individual collections of poems of an author ([year of publication] _ [name of collection]).
Unlike the Corpus of Czech verse, Frequency lists are based on the data before eliminating duplicates (thus, all poems are included, regardless of whether their earlier publication is attested). Collections containing poems by various authors (almanacs, etc.) were not included among the processed data.
Lemmatization and morphological annotation were carried out by the researchers at the Institute of Theoretical and Computational Linguistics FA CU (Hana Skoumalová, Milena Hnátková, Tomáš Jelínek and Vladimír Petkevič) n cooperation with the researchers at the Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics FMP CU (Jan Hajič, Jaroslava Hlaváčová). For information about the frequency of lemmata/tokens in prose, which the data included in the frequency lists of Czech poetry can be compared with, see here.
a | b | c | d | e | f | g | h | ch | i | j | k | l | m | n | o | p | q | r | s | t | u | v | z
Last column indicates the total of words in the corpus / author's subcorpus.
CORPUS OF CZECH VERSElemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)14590409
Adámek, Bohumillemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)12329
Albert, Eduardlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)8417
Ambrož, Vilémlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)12895
Arietto, Ladislavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)6513
Auředníček, Otakarlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)14129
Baar, Jindřich Šimonlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)5639
Baarová, Marielemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)3805
Babánek, Karellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)42085
Balcárek, Alešlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)5634
Barák, Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)2586
Baše, Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)5139
Bělohrobský, Vojtěch M. V.lemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)27409
Benešová, Boženalemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)37664
Beránek, Janlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)7536
Berdych, Kamillemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)3992
Bezruč, Petrlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)95706
Bíbl, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)15627
Bitnar, Vilémlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)6004
Bláha, Inocenc Arnoštlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)8440
Blatný, Levlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)2007
Bogner, Adolflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)3021
Böhm, Jindřichlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)3511
Bojko, R.lemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)106616
Borecký, Jaromírlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)28645
Bort, Rudolflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)8098
Bouška, Sigismundlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)30733
Brabec, Adolflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)27644
Brabec, Juliuslemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)7113
Breska, Alfonslemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)27628
Broj, Richardlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)28623
Březina, Otokarlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)90935
Bubelová, Lilalemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)44679
Bulant, Antonínlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)14383
Burgerstein, Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)8225
Cajthaml-Liberté, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)29940
Calma, Marielemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)94181
Ceyp z Peclinovce, Jan Bohumillemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)8672
Crha, Václav Antonínlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)51673
Czech z Czechenherzu, Arnoštlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)21940
Čacká, Marielemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)3244
Čech, Svatopluklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)409171
Čelakovský, František Ladislavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)27189
Čenkov, Emanuellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)54573
Čermák, Bohuslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)7586
Černý, Adolflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)223946
Černý, Boleslav L.lemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)2602
Červenka, Janlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)22652
Červinka, Adolflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)14740
Červinka, Karellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)26861
Červinka, Milošlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)31718
Červinka, Otakarlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)90752
Dewetter, Karellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)63768
Dohnal, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)28780
Dörfl, Gustavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)24688
Dostal, Adolf Bohuslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)21045
Dostál-Lutinov, Karellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)94535
Drahoňovský, František Karellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)7564
Dubrovská, Terezalemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)45001
Durych, Jaroslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)41219
Dvořáková-Mráčková, Albínalemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)7180
Dvořák, Xaverlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)141353
Dyk, Viktorlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)227931
Eisler, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)1993
Erben, Karel Jaromírlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)26951
Fingal, Petrlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)24384
Fischer, Otokarlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)42305
Flekáček, Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)3026
Forman, Bohumillemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)4938
Frič, Josef Václavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)32175
Frída, Vladimírlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)14211
Fučík, Milanlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)19370
Furch, Vincenclemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)61180
Gallat, Aloislemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)8274
Geisslová, Irmalemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)29369
Gellner, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)71051
Gintl, Zdeněklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)5077
Goll, Jaroslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)12263
Grunert, Hyneklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)16021
Grünwald, Benešlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)32247
Haasz, Jaroslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)7420
Haber, Alois Věkoslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)1975
Hais, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)2995
Hájek, Karel B.lemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)7042
Hajniš, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)23097
Hálek, Vítězslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)96185
Hanka, Václavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)2649
Hašek, Romanlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)12469
Hauner, Emanuellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)690
Havelka, Matějlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)16483
Havlíček Borovský, Karellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)22982
Havlíček, Jaroslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)7148
Hek, František Vladislavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)18683
Hendrych, Jaroslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)5768
Heyduk, Adolflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)685777
Hilar, Karel Hugolemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)10709
Hlaváček, Karellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)7612
Hlaváček, Václavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)1231
Hněvkovský, Šebestiánlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)138504
Hofmeister, Rudolf Richardlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)6255
Holý, Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)87911
Horký, Karellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)48185
Houdek, Vladimírlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)15566
H. Udenlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)63093
Chalupa, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)33412
Chládek, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)3770
Chmelenský, Josef Krasoslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)11767
Illový, Rudolflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)10983
Jablonský, Boleslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)10965
Jahn, Jiljí Vratislavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)10294
Jakubec, Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)72521
Jednota, V.lemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)1505
Jelínek, Hanušlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)10360
Jesenská, Růženalemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)85662
Ježek, Janlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)7619
Jirásek, Aloislemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)6776
Jonáš, Karellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)18481
Jungmann, Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)20249
Just, Eduardlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)7749
Kalaš, Josef V.lemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)1756
Kalina, Josef Jaroslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)461
Kalus, Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)65800
Kamarýt, Josef Vlastimillemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)17895
Kaminský, Bohdanlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)227808
Kapper, Siegfriedlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)30647
Karafiát, Janlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)6390
Karásek ze Lvovic, Jiřílemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)49195
Karas, Josef Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)36422
Karmín, Leolemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)18631
Karník, Janlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)43921
Kepka, Hugolemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)3846
Klácel, František Matoušlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)66547
Klášterský, Antonínlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)282511
Klicpera, Václav Klimentlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)6459
Klose, Antonín Jaroslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)21720
Klumpar, Jan Květoslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)14109
Knauerová, Fančalemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)8367
Knittl, Zdeněklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)10607
Knoesl, Bohuslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)15222
Kollár, Janlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)75295
Kolman Cassius, Jaroslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)69671
Koráb, Julius Aloislemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)6987
Korvín, Jan Daniellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)19236
Košín z Radostova, Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)7200
Koubek, Jan Pravoslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)62943
Koukl, Antonínlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)8665
Krapka Náchodský, Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)3080
Krásnohorská, Eliškalemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)233688
Krupička, Rudolflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)22794
Křička, Petrlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)43147
Křikava, Louislemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)16845
Kubelka, Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)7145
Kubka, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)12187
Kučera, Eduardlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)7588
Kučera, Karellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)34722
Kuchař, Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)38497
Kulda, Beneš Metodlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)84709
Kvapil, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)53837
Kvapil, Jaroslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)97071
Květ, Bohuslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)14179
Kyselý, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)35592
Langer, Josef Jaroslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)23976
Leger, Karellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)216088
Leminger, Jindřichlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)3609
Lešehrad, Emanuellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)177053
Lešetický, Vojtěchlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)11911
Leška, Štěpánlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)682
Leubner, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)113777
Linhart, Ladislavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)3045
Lošťák, Ludvíklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)54948
Lukavský, Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)38573
Macek, Antonínlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)22060
Mahen, Jiřílemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)95781
Macháček, Simeon Karellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)18282
Mácha, Karel Hyneklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)31572
Machar, Josef Svatopluklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)1015897
Mach, Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)50235
Marek, Antonínlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)1881
Marek, Jan Jindřichlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)17298
Mareš, Michallemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)5665
Martinec, Jaroslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)11791
Martínek, Vojtěchlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)62634
Mařík, Rudalemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)6971
Mašek, Karellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)30814
Maternová, Pavlalemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)7490
Mathesius, Bohumillemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)7604
Mayer, Rudolflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)7450
Medek, Rudolflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)57610
Melezínek, Václavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)1905
Melichar, Josef Jaroslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)479
Menčlová, Antonielemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)9033
Menhard, František Ladislavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)12989
Merhaut, Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)13231
Miřiovský, Emanuellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)60257
Mokrý, Otokarlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)36493
Mráz, Stanislavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)53078
Mühlsteinová, Bertalemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)4070
Müldner, Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)15140
Mužík, Augustin Eugenlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)120462
Nebeský, Václav Bolemírlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)19466
Nečas, Jan Evangelistalemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)47645
Nejč, Karellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)2304
Nejedlý, Janlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)2892
Nejedlý, Vojtěchlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)195405
Němcová, Boženalemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)1781
Neruda, Janlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)122789
Neumann, Stanislav Kostkalemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)262131
Nevšímal, Augustlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)7682
Odvalil, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)54842
Opočenský, Jiřílemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)2415
Opolský, Janlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)71627
Ostravický, Čechoslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)10790
Pachmayer, Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)7413
Pakosta, Vojtěchlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)18049
Palacký, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)3317
Panýrek, Duchoslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)3591
Paroubek, Otakar G.lemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)23820
Patrčka, Michal Siloradlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)1341
Pelíšek, Janlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)30283
Pfleger Moravský, Gustavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)96402
Picek, Václav Jaromírlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)22073
Pilbauerová, Hermalemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)18310
Písecký, Ferdinandlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)13980
Pohan, Václav Alexanderlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)5954
Pokorný-Pikulík, Josef Václavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)1165
Pokorný, Rudolflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)79433
Pok Poděbradský, Václavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)8770
Polák, Milota Zdiradlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)31454
Popelka, Stanislavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)5366
Procházka, Arnoštlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)3967
Procházka, František Serafínskýlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)158008
Prokop, Karel Vojtěchlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)5826
Přibil, Martin Alexanderlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)3385
Puchmajer, Antonín Jaroslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)19581
Quis, Ladislavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)56552
Ráb, Václav Věnceslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)11419
Racek, Adolflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)33869
Rais, Karel V.lemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)17330
Rajman, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)49322
Ráž, Arnoštlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)6834
Rokos, František Alexandrlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)23486
Rosenzweig-Moir, Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)6576
Rožek, Karellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)10300
Rubeš, František Jaromírlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)37124
Ruda, Jiřílemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)26235
Rutte, Miroslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)23577
Růžičková, Anna Vlastimilalemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)6313
Ryba, Jakub Janlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)8540
Rybář, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)4931
Rypáček, František Jaroslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)13177
Sabina, Karellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)40810
Sekanina, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)12773
Scheinpflug, Karellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)5556
Schwarzová, Růženalemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)14558
Simerská, Annalemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)3099
Sís, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)5738
Skarlandt, Juliuslemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)23461
Sládek, Josef Václavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)199574
Soldan, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)7651
Sova, Antonínlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)412803
Spáčil Žeranovský, Janlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)10206
Stach, Václavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)20585
Stankovský, Josef Jiřílemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)1795
Stašek, Antallemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)117215
Sula, Pavellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)2811
Sušil, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)64386
Sychra, Matěj Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)7000
Šafařík, Pavel Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)8624
Šárecká, Maryšalemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)38140
Šembera, Vratislav Kazimírlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)3118
Šimáček, Matěj Anastázialemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)9432
Šimánek, Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)18196
Šimeček, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)4255
Šimková-Uzlová, Fandalemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)1829
Škampa, Aloislemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)69429
Šmilovský, Alois Vojtěchlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)26195
Šnajdauf, Antonínlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)12200
Šnajdr, Karel Sudimírlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)14955
Šolc, Václavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)45071
Špindler, Ervínlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)8658
Šrámek, Janlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)5353
Štemberka, Jindřichlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)8313
Štulc, Václavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)20707
Švejda, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)1149
Tablic, Bohuslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)46634
Táborský, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)168496
Taufer, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)43598
Theer, Otakarlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)20974
Tichý, Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)4829
Toman, Karellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)20142
Tomek, Ferdinandlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)109540
Tomíček, Jan Slavomírlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)13434
Trnka, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)5639
Tůma, Jan Václavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)19463
Uhlíř, Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)43937
Vacek Kamenický, František Jaroslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)19267
Vášová, Věralemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)11191
Vavák, František Janlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)816
Villani, Karel Maria Drahotínlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)19734
Vinařický, Karel Aloislemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)45934
Vladyka, Jan Bapt.lemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)2335
Vlk, Janlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)4094
Vocel, Jan Erazimlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)33925
Vojáček, Václavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)4643
Vrba, Janlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)51000
Vrchlický, Jaroslavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)1353281
Vřesnický, Janlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)8175
Weiner, Richardlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)39665
Wenzig, Joseflemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)53166
Wunsch, Hugo Václavlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)3588
Zavřel, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)33436
Zelenka, Františeklemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)21420
Zeyer, Juliuslemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)401741
Züngel, Emanuellemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)71276
z Wojkowicz, Janlemma (xls | txt) token (xls | txt)80032
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