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This website offers information about research activities of the Versification Research Group of The Institute of Czech Literature AS CR, a detailed description of The Corpus of Czech Verse, and freely available tools that give access to the data contained in the corpus.

The Versification Research Group was established at the end of 2012 and is made up of researchers studying the verse theory across various departments (i.e. Theory department, Editorial and Textological department and Department for Research into 19th century literature). Our group draws upon the former Versification Research Group of The Institute of Czech and World Literature CSAS, which had been made up of researchers of the textological department of that time (Miroslav Červenka, Stanislava Mazáčová, Milada Chlíbcová and others, and the external researcher Květa Sgallová). The research activities of our group comprise both individual and collective research projects. At present, the main scientific research task of the Versification Research Group is the implementation of the grant project "The history and theory of the 19th century Czech verse" and "The metrical structure of Neruda's verse".

Corpus of Czech Verse
The Corpus of Czech verse is a lemmatized, phonetically, morphologically, metrically and strophically annotated corpus of Czech poetry.
Books / Projects
Books and projects of our group.
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Development of tools located at this website, website development and its English (Gabriela Brůhova) and Russian (Evgenia Tumanova) translations were supported by Czech Science Foundation (P406/11/1825) and by the long-term conceptual development of a research institution 68378068.
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