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Database of Czech Metres

Online tools » Database of Czech Metres
In the Database of Czech metres (DCM) we make publicly available the metrical and stanzaic description of 1,689 poetry collections (76,699 poems) from the 19th and early 20th centuries contained in the Corpus of Czech Verse. DCM allows (in addition to standard bibliographic data) to search for and statistically evaluate data by:
  • Verse metre | length | the end of a line
  • Metrical pattern
  • Rhymed/Unrhymed and Stanzaic/Non-stanzaic character of the text
  • Stanza and rhyme scheme
  • Commonly used names of the metre (alexandrine, hexametre...)
  • Fixed forms (sonnet, rondel...)
(The list of the categories used in DCM see here.)
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